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a little world within a world...

just a dream just a dream...

I am 27 years old, but most of the time I act like a big kid, especially with my 7 year old niece!

I work as an Adolescent Counselor for teenage boys who are in out of home placement due to social services or corrections issues.

I am currently in grad school working on my MSE, School Counseling degree.
add/adhd, angels, animals, backpacking, baking, barack obama, baseball, beaches, being alone, bs in sociology, cabin, campfires, camping, candles, children, chocolate, cieszyn, civil rights, college, college graduate, cooking, counseling, csi, current events, dachshunds, dating, depression, dreaming, dreams, eagles, education, environment, faith, family, fleetwood mac, forests, four wheeling, friends, guys, hawaii, henry david thoreau, hiking, history, incense, inspirational quotes, ipod mini, jobs, junk food, kidney stones, kids, krakow, kurt halsey, l'viv, lakes, laughing, learning, liberal, lindsey buckingham, long drives, long walks, massage therapy, massages, maui, mental health, miami ink, michael cuddyer, minnesota twins, montana, moose, mountains, movies, mtv, music, nature, ncis, news, niece, non-profit organizations, non-profits, oprah, outdoors, parks, paxil, peace, photography, photos, pierogis, pizza, poland, pro-choice, przemysl, psychology, quotes, reading, real world, recent college grad, recipes, river falls, rivers, road rules, road trips, rugged outdoor guys, running, school, sex on the beach, sister, sleeping, smiles, smoothies, social anxiety, social change, social services, social work, sociology, softball, spaghetti, stars, stevie nicks, tattoos, teaching, the beach, the eagles, the format, the fray, the moon, the ocean, the offspring, third eye blind, tom petty, tori amos, traveling, trees, trivia, tutoring, ukraine, uwrf, vintage stuff, walking, wallflowers, warsaw, wilderness, wildflowers, words, working out, working with youth, writing, yellowstone national park